32. Second Trimester :)

**pregnancy post**

Apologies, it’s been a little while since I last blogged! Partly because I started this blog to help me through the ups and downs of my fertility struggles and as I am now pregnant I feel the blog has served its purpose. And secondly I feel I have lots of followers who may not appreciate me rabbiting on about my pregnancy. BUT, I do get followers saying that it brings them hope when they are going though fertility treatment to hear successful stories and want to hear how I am getting on, so here I am to bring an update on how the pregnancy is going.

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31. Never thought I’d get to write this blog post…

*** Pregnancy post – for those not wanting to read ***

After two years of trying to conceive, attending countless consultant appointments, going through many tests, procedures and operations, crying more than I ever have and quite frankly going through hell and back, Mr IGMP and I are beyond happy to say we are finally expecting!!! Eek! Sometimes I have to pinch myself, especially as there have been numerous times when I honestly didn’t think I would be able to say ‘I am pregnant’. When you are so used to getting a negative pregnancy test month after month, when others just seem to sniff a man and get pregnant you really end up believing it’s not going to happen. So yes, I still have to pinch myself sometimes! I read through my very first post before writing this and I just cannot believe it took 31 posts to get here.

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30. IVF Update

image2*Picture courtesy of Pinterest*

A friend text me yesterday and reminded me it’s been a while since I last posted. Apologies, but I am back with an update! This process has left me extremely tired to the point that if I fall asleep during the day (which I do every day) I still feel like I need another nap. And for those of you who have been lucky enough to conceive without the aid of IVF then don’t read too much into this. Right now, I am not pregnant – I am tired from the medication, the lack of sleep and the emotional rollercoaster that is IVF.

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28. 10 Things Your Friend With Infertility Never Tells You



Okay, so I have copied this from Miss Conception Coach. I just thought it was lovely and wanted to share. Thank you Miss Conception Coach!

What do I think of this picture? Well most of it is totally me and how I feel. I cry, I like hugs – definitely don’t like advice (sorry!), but I do like you asking questions and wanting to know things. I do put my feelings aside sometimes because I feel guilty, and I am sad for me but definitely happy for you. I do need days to be alone with my thoughts but definitely want to be included in stuff, even if you don’t think I would come. I don’t think I feel like an outsider, okay, well sometimes, but I actually don’t mind at all if I hear you complain about your pregnancy and I definitely appreciate you telling me your pregnant not surrounded by lots of people! Thanks Peeps!

🙂 xx


27. IVF and Feelings of Tiredness


I had a really wonderful weekend… The weather was amazing in the South East of the UK, for once! On Saturday Mr IGMP and I drove to London to meet my friend ‘Z’ (she is my bestie who wrote a guest post for me here) and her husband. It was so lovely to see her again and have her back in the UK!!! We whiled away an afternoon having a much needed gossip and a catch up over a very British past time of Afternoon Tea. She is nearly full term and looks beautiful, she has such a small, tidy bump! She would disagree with me though ;). Then on Sunday I had a amazing spa day at a local hotel with another good friend of mine, I’ll call her ‘E’. She is the one with two gorgeous little munchkins who my husband and I both adore. We were so lucky with the weather; we managed to relax on the sun loungers, have a treatment which we both almost fell asleep in! And just generally pottered about having a good old catch up. The weekend was just what I needed!!

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26. IVF has officially started!!


As I type this I am sitting in the glorious sunshine thinking about my first injection of my first ever IVF cycle. This injection was administered last night but I decided to write my post now. I have to inject myself between 6-8pm every night so I decided on 7pm. That way Mr IGMP should be home from a days work in London, or it’s late enough if we go out for the day, or early enough if I am going out to dinner :).

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