28. 10 Things Your Friend With Infertility Never Tells You



Okay, so I have copied this from Miss Conception Coach. I just thought it was lovely and wanted to share. Thank you Miss Conception Coach!

What do I think of this picture? Well most of it is totally me and how I feel. I cry, I like hugs – definitely don’t like advice (sorry!), but I do like you asking questions and wanting to know things. I do put my feelings aside sometimes because I feel guilty, and I am sad for me but definitely happy for you. I do need days to be alone with my thoughts but definitely want to be included in stuff, even if you don’t think I would come. I don’t think I feel like an outsider, okay, well sometimes, but I actually don’t mind at all if I hear you complain about your pregnancy and I definitely appreciate you telling me your pregnant not surrounded by lots of people! Thanks Peeps!

🙂 xx



5 thoughts on “28. 10 Things Your Friend With Infertility Never Tells You

    1. It will definitely take time lovely – just don’t beat yourself up about it as it’s totally natural and I don’t ever think you get a balance. Even though I managed to conceive it still feels weird, I am still sad it didn’t happen to me naturally when it happens for others. One thing my IVF counsellor said was not to try hide when you feel sad, take the day to feel it and look after yourself. x


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